A2 Workplace Consulting will give you a complete snapshot of the present state of your HR and then revise and develop your policies and procedures to ensure you have no exposure.

The services we offer include:

  • HR Compliance Audits and Review
  • Create HR Policies and Procedures tailored to your business
  • Wage Calculations to ensure you are paying your staff correctly
  • Performance Management
  • Workplace Investigations
  • Employee Manuals/ Handbooks
  • Procedure Manuals for Managers ​

What is Human Resources?

Put simply Human Resources are your people in your business. Finding good staff is a significant asset to your business, and so you need to ensure you have the processes in place to retain them or manage them if they no longer suit the needs of your business.

Whether you’re seeking a full outsourced HR solution, flexible HR consultant, or simply access to remote HR advice as needed, A2 Workplace Consulting will work with you to develop the level of service that aligns with your human resources management needs.

Want quality HR documents at your fingertips? These documents are lawful and complete and are ready to use. These employment templates aid compliance and make managing staff members easy and stress-free. Click here to check out the available list of documents.

Online Express Audit

Are you unsure what you need assistance with? This Express Online Audit has been designed to lead you through questions that are relevant to the ‘health’ of your business. It covers Human Resources, Industrial Relations and Workplace Health and Safety. The quiz will determine the areas where you need assistance, and also demonstrate the areas where A2 Workplace Consulting can help.

Take the short quiz now to determine your business needs.

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