“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream” CS Lewis

In a survey conducted by the Department of Jobs and Small Business, employers said mature age people need to be more effective about demonstrating their skills and experience when applying for positions.

The Survey of Employers’ Recruitment Experiences asked employers for their ideas on what could be done to improve the prospects of mature age people looking for a job. Many employers spoke highly of the skills and experience mature age people have to offer. In particular, they said, they value their reliability, strong work ethic and communication skills.

So what does this mean in reality? Some tips for mature workers.

  1. Be more confident when putting yourself forward for work, particularly when demonstrating how your skills and experience match the job requirements.
  2. Approach employers in person.
    You have the advantage of knowledge, use it!
  3. You can improve your job prospects by keeping your skills up-to-date, especially your computer and technology skills.

Also consider you don’t put your age on your resume, a modern resume should really only detail your past 10 years maximum so you have the advantage of being more highly skilled than younger workers.

Keep your attitude positive and consider these points when applying for positions. Many businesses see the value of hiring mature aged workers it is about finding the right fit for your experience.

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